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last changeSun, 27 Jun 2010 00:29:46 +0000
2010-06-27 Stuart Longland Update manifests master
2009-09-05 Stuart Longland New packages that at least build on MIPS.
2009-08-23 Stuart Longland Updated latest patch (from loongson overlay)... backpor ...
2009-08-23 Stuart Longland Change repo_name to something shorter.
2009-08-23 Stuart Longland Add new ebuild for stable binutils.
2009-08-22 Stuart Longland Patch needed for kgcc64.
2009-08-22 Stuart Longland Bump kgcc64.
2009-05-31 Stuart Longland Adding the manifest would be a good idea...
2009-05-31 Stuart Longland Added patched binutils ebuild: required for building ...
2009-04-10 stuartl Corrected manifest.
2009-04-10 stuartl Add new kgcc64 ebuild for gcc-4.4 snapshot. This versi ...
2009-03-09 Stuart Longland Added ~amd64 keyword to svxlink
2008-12-17 Stuart Longland Added repo_name... stops portage from whining.
2008-10-21 root Pull in newer xorg-server ebuilds.
2008-05-19 Stuart Longland Added new svxlink release
2008-04-13 Stuart Longland Re-digest svxlink
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